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    The Center for Testing of Materials and Constructions, CTMC, University of West Macedonia, is a modern test center of industrial products and materials. Its laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment and the highly trained professional staff guarantee precision measurements and analyses. As part of a higher education institution it is involved in applied research and participates in national and European programs.

    The Center is currently in a process of ISO 17025 accreditation by ESYD.

    Chief Scientist: Stergios Maropoulos   Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering  & Industrial Design (BSc, MSc, PhD, University of Manchester).

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Centre for Testing of Materials and Constructions

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CE certification for Windows and Doors



Tel. 2461068071 - 68218 - 68035 

Mob. 6974398779

Fax 2461039682

Koila Kozanis 50100

E-mail : maropou@teiwm.gr